You know what we do, but why do we do it?

And why is that better for you and your business? Because we've walked in your shoes. We've lived through your experiences with ERP and BI implementations. We've managed these large projects and we didn't like what we saw - black boxes that obscured details critical to the ROI of the assignment. We've applied our experience to build a better project execution strategy, and a different model for providing your team with support through external consultants. Our approach is so transparent that you can see exactly what you are buying - consultants with the right level of experience and the track record to do the job and help deliver outstanding ROI. Now that's a thing of beauty. 

It all starts with our pricing model...

It is a model that helps empower successful deployments of complex applications at a lower cost with lower risk. Our pricing model removes all the mystery when you bring on subcontractors through M9 Solutions. Whether it's a direct client or a System Integrator that subcontracts with us, everyone benefits when they have access to additional resources at a fair market price, and know exactly what they are paying for.