What separates M9 Solutions from other firms?

It is our unique pricing model and deep industry expertise that helps our clients execute successful implementations at a lower cost with lower risk. James McKee, a 25-year software and ERP consulting professional who formerly ran the North American consulting business for Oracle Corporation, founded M9 Solutions in 2007. 

Having walked in the shoes of his clients, James and his team have a deep understanding of software providers, system integrators, professional consultants, and enterprise clients. With 70 plus years of combined experience, our management team can identify emerging shifts in technology and proactively apply this knowledge to client challenges, helping them achieve the results they require.

What is it like to work with M9 Solutions?

When you work with M9 Solutions to staff your project, you are involved in every step of the process. Senior managers and managers work directly with M9 Solutions. Partners and principals have a direct line of communication to M9, which results in:

  • Better partner control over the procurement process
  • Better details to M9 around the project environment, culture, and client needs, resulting in the right fit
  • Faster delivery of fewer, more qualified candidates to the project
  • Proactive sourcing of senior consultants
  • Higher book to bill ratio for the partner

The 'M9 Solutions Combination' is Quality, Speed, and Price. Each candidate is screened, has references checked, and is evaluated by our team to ensure they will be a good cultural fit and are someone we can stand behind. We understand the speed of our industry and the importance of quick results. Our high standards mean you get the best consultants at the right cost.

What We've Achieved

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